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Tuscan Tan Spray Tan’s all about the colour. 

ExpressTAN uses the finest quality spray tan solution, Tuscan Tan solution, which mimics naturally Tuscan Tantanned skin tones with 100% accuracy by adapting to the skins individual colour variations without masking its natural beauty.

Unlike most spray on tan solutions, Tuscan Tan does not rely solely upon DHA to produce a tanned effect. In addition to only the purest form of DHA which is a natural ingredient derived from sugars, Tuscan Tan utilises other multiple active plant based bronzing pigments and balancers which pick up and adopt the darker tones of the skin whilst blending with the lighter colour variations to instantly produce a remarkably authentic looking tan in any light, day or night.

Best of all, as these instant bronzing pigments are water resistant, they are sustained on the skin throughout the duration of the tan.  Cosmetic bronzers contained in other solutions and visible during the tanning application, simply wash off within the first shower after application leaving a “tan” which is solely DHA based causing the dreaded ‘orange fake tan’ hue. Tuscan Tan is different…not only does a Tuscan Tan spray on tan emulate a real tan with incredible accuracy, but due to its water resistant characteristics, the tan produced also lasts up to two weeks before gradually and evenly fading, just like a real tan.

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