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Tuscan Tan™ Self Tan Application Mitt

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Velvety soft on the outside and stain-proof on the inside, this mitt blends self-tan products evenly on the skin, resulting in a streak-free finish whilst protecting hands from the tell-tale staining of self-tan application.

When applying self tan mousse, the best advice Tuscan Tan can give you is, invest in a Self Tan Application Mitt. For such a small investment you’ll be amazed at the difference this little red mitt makes.

Firstly it prevents the most obvious of all self tan application mishaps, STAINED HANDS. Secondly, it allows you to evenly spread and blend the product over your skin for a streak free and professional looking finish.

The mitt is made of fabric and velvety soft flocking on the outer with a protective stain proof film on the inside and fits snugly on your hand. It cleans easily and is re-usable.

TIP: Give it a rinse in the shower, let it dry and use it over and over again.

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