ExpressTAN Melbourne - Designer Spray Tan Studio

Policies, Terms and Conditions

The content on this page applies to all products, services and information on this website.

1.0 Skin Conditions

ExpressTAN uses high quality and natural Tuscan Tan products. Some people may react adversely to the tan. If you have a predisposition to skin ailments or if you are unsure, please request a skin test prior to a complete body application.

2.0 Tan Duration

The ExpressTAN Spray Tan duration does vary from person to person. Usually the Spray Tan lasts from 7 - 10 days. This can be decreased by using contraindicated products with the spray tan, soaking in water, exercise and massage. This can be extended by the use of the correct products (Specified Tuscan Tan and Botani Skin Care as recommended by your ExpressTAN Spray Tan Professional).

3.0 Product Use

All products sold by ExpressTAN should be used as prescribed on the packaging.

4.0 Refusal to Service

ExpressTAN spray tanning professionals have the right to refuse service.

If our spray tanning professionals deem it unsuitable to spray tan a client, they can refuse to service.

5.0 Surface Discoloration

The spray tanning solution used by ExpressTAN is water soluble and comes off tiles and floors under normal conditions. Please note that discoloration may occur on some porous surfaces, such as old bath tubs that have lost their protective layer.

6.0 Vouchers and Giveaways

ExpressTAN vouchers are redeemable from the spray tan professional whose details are on the voucher. This includes the 8 Spray Tan Sessions = 1 FREE Skin Care Product; the 8 spray tans will be with the same spray tan professional and that spray tan professional will give you the FREE product upon completion of the 8th spray tan.

7.0 Spray Tan Professionals run within their Individual Businesses

To promote a high level of service, each ExpressTAN Spray Tan Professional runs their service under their own individual business. Therefore the spray tan professional looking after you is the person responsible for the business.

8.0 Spray Tans with Pregnancy or Lactating Women

ExpressTAN recommends that women who fall into this category and wish to get a spray tan get clearance from their Doctor or OB/GYN prior to making appointments.

9.0 Hot Weather Policy

If the weather forecast for the day of the appointment is 34°C or greater, the ExpressTAN Professional may cancel the appointment if there is no Air Conditioning in the bathroom or if the bathroom area is too warm. This is to ensure ultimate tan results; if the environment is too warm, and sweating commences by the client, the spray tanned will be ruined.

10.0 Shipping Costs for Online Orders

Shipping costs allocated are within Australia only. All International must be ordered via the international section which includes additional postage. Each product unit weighs approximately 300g.

International orders can be processed normally. Once the transaction has been successful, the additional cost of postage will be requested via PayPal.

11.0 GST

All items purchased directly from ExpressTAN include GST. Items purchased from ExpressTAN preferred Salons, Boutiques and Spray Tan Professionals are subject to that individual's business GST requirements; which may or may not include GST. For specific information please refer to your receipt issued by the non ExpressTAN individual business.


Spray Tan Professionals will offer face masks and goggles as part of standard safety processes whilst spraying. Underpants and lip gloss must be worm by all clients during the spray tan.


Parents/Guardians must be advised and must give consent prior to spray tan professional arriving by the person making the spray tan booking. Parents/Guardians must be present in the same room during the spray tan application.


Only applicable with participating Spray Tan Professionals. Student Card must be presented before spray tan application.


The room where the spray tan will be done must have a fan or good ventilation.

16.0 Non-Guarantee of Timely Service

The ExpressTAN Spray Tan Professionals have an extremely high accuracy in meeting their appointment times but on the rare occassion, due to the mobile nature the service, the Spray Tan Professionals may experience obstacles in reaching set destinations, such as illness, accidents, roadworks, traffic, etc. If an incident occurs where service cannot be provided on or close to the timed schedule, the Spray Tan Professionals will request other Spray Tan Professionals to assist. ExpressTAN and/or The ExpressTAN Spray Tan Professionals accept no responsibility for not meeting the appointment time. For important occassions it is recommended to have the spray tan at least 2 days before the event to allow for any such incident.