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Tan Off Sunless Tan Removal Mitt

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Tan OffIn the shower the Tan-Off Mitt can smooth out blotches to allow you to achieve a smooth even tan. The Tan-Off Mitt will also remove your spray on tan leaving your skin silky and clear.

If you are preparing for a spray tan, the Tan-Off Mitt will remove unwanted dead skin cells, leaving a clear surface and ensuring a more consistent finish to your tan.

Two sides

  1. Orange - light exfoliation
  2. Black - strong exfoliation

The Tan-Off Mitt is the most effective and environmentally friendly way to increase the longevity and quality of your spray tan.

Instructions - How to get the best results

Step 1 – Rinse all soap and oil from skin to ensure best results are achieved.
Step 2 – Soften your skin by bathing or showering for at least 3 minutes. The mitt should only be used on wet skin, not under the shower or in the bath.
Step 3 – Wet the Tan-Off Mitt and squeeze out the excess water.
Step 4 – Using the Orange side, rub the skin in a vertical direction. Increase the pressure gradually until the desired effect is obtained. The Black side can be used for stronger exfoliation.

Care Instructions

Rinse after each use.

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