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ExpressTAN Loves Being Green!

All ExpressTAN Spray Tan Professionals love the spray tan, and they also love the environment.

This website is created and maintained with Green Electricity.

All towels are laundered on Economy Mode with disinfectant only. No additional chemicals are used.

The Spray Tan Solution, Tuscan Tan, is made from natural products which is not harmful to your skin or to the environment.

All ExpressTAN Spray Tan Professionals invest in high quality equipment, which allows for minimal overspray. Hence, very little of the natural product gets into our waterways.

eMeetings are used to avoid excessive and unecessary travel for ExpressTAN meetings with its members across the globe.

If there is another way you think we can help the environment, please let us know:

Phone: (03) 9379 4718


Post: PO Box 415 Carlton North 3054 VIC AUSTRALIA