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Spray Tan Training

Spray tan training is included with all ExpressTAN Start Up Packs.

Upon purchasing an ExpressTAN Starter Pack, you receive EVERYTHING required to commence mobile spray tanning with a successful Spray Tan Brand, and ExpressTAN training is extensive.

Online Training Available

Spray Training Syllabus
Study Notes Provided
Topic Description
Spray Tan Pack Contents All the contents of your Spray Tan Starter Pack.
Spray Gun Operation Detailed spray gun operation and cleaning.
Client Preparation What to do to ensure your client is ready for a spray tan.
Spray Room Preparation (for Mobile Spray) All steps in preparing the room for the cleanest spray tan, with no mess or fuss.
Spray Tan Techniques Step by step guide for perfect spray tan results without wasting product.
OH&S OH&S specific to mobile spray tanning.
Quick Sales Tips Step by step guide in notes of selling add on products.
ExpressTAN Checklist Complete guide in notes for all required for a perfect spray tan client experience.
Recommended Float Explained by demonstrator and within study notes.
Basic Skin Care Product Knowledge All products in pack explained.
Advanced Spray Tan Professional Optional Training

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