ExpressTAN Melbourne - Designer Spray Tan Studio

About ExpressTAN™

ExpressTAN™ Core Service Principles:

Mission statement:

To promote the best quality service and experience in spray tanning and ensure that the client has a flawless tan at the color they request.

ExpressTAN™ promotes good standard processes amongst its network members. It has the ultimate principle for its members to provide superior service and engage in the best spray tan techniques.


ExpressTAN™ is not a franchise, it owns a network whereby its members are individual businesses who help each other with spray tan knowledge and servicing clients.

Every mobile spray tan professional listed under ExpressTAN™ runs their own spray tanning business and is the actual owner who is responsible for their own business. This means that their clients get the best quality of service because they are dealing directly with people who sincerely care about the success of that business.

As the business owners, the ExpressTAN™ mobile spray tan professionals engage in extensive training and are subjected to stringent assessment methods to ensure their spray tan techniques are advanced and result in a flawless tan.


ExpressTAN™ was founded in 2006 a fitness instructor in Melbourne.

An intensive investigation process was undertaken to find the best product on the market and apply the best application methods, by use of good technique and high quality equipment.

The end result was ExpressTAN™ using Tuscan Tan spray tan solution and skin care with advanced spray tan techniques and good quality equipment. The advanced spray tan technique allows the spray tan to look absolutely natural, with proper gradients along the arm line.

The goal of an ExpressTAN™ tan was not to just 'be as dark as possible', but to get the exact color the client is looking for; hence, this is one of the core ExpressTAN™ Service Principles by the Spray Tan Professionals trained by ExpressTAN™.

With such a high calibre of service, it was no surprise ExpressTAN™ became one of the most popular mobile spray tans in Melbourne. Even celebrities love the ExpressTAN™ service due to its discrete nature and its commitment to privacy.

ExpressTAN™ Network:

The ExpressTAN™ Network is a group of spray tan professionals who follow the ExpressTAN™ Service Principles. This network allows the individuals to create a valuable knowledge base to provide the best service and spray tan available. At this time, the ExpressTAN™ Network is growing with additional people needed across Australia.